I think I need to update more.

Eh? That’s what I keep saying each time I update… and I should try not to complain… but then again, this is a blog – a web diary and isn’t it meant for ranting away?

Well, things at work has gotten a teenie weenie bit better – talked to the boss – or rather cried to the boss (don’t ask me why I just broke down as if talking to my shepherd/mentor) Guess, I have reached the threshold? They didn’t allow me to go part-time with some excuse of saying they would like the vet to be accountable to their own casee- BUT what I think – i’m always in the country, it’s not like I’m working 1 day a week only, if u need me to be there – I would be there.Anyway, I started to take the nights off 2x a week, it’s helping but I’m still tired of running this crazy race. I’ve stopped running/going to the gym/exercising – and I can feel the weight slowly creeping up – i have lost all discipline and the steam…

I wonder if I would be happier just quitting altogether. Then what am I to do? The very very kiasu side of me would rather hold on to this job – at least I’ve got good bosses…

Enough of ranting? How has my very very small readers been? Leave a comment to let me know yah?

I have started a new hobby of scrapbooking/cardmaking/altering boxes and what nots (latest is a clip board) – have lots to improve on – cos i’m not exactly the most creative – and when I finally have time to sit down to do something crafty and is very inspired – i get interrupted by the daily chores, the mother who wants something down right now kind…. I have taken some pics – they are on my Facebook…. my scrapbook layouts are a bit plain jane though…so..

It’s threatening to rain right now- so it better rain afterwards when I arrive at work – hate driving in the rain esp if I’m that sleepy…. rain harder – no one will come! πŸ™‚ So bad.

Anyways, enjoy what’s left of the weekend, I hope to keep updating I suppose…


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u know what?

Wow 2 posts within few minutes!

I just realised I have been ending my blog posts with ‘oh well’!

Ha. Trivial. But still… must change!

At this moment of time, I really really wanted to type oh well out…

lalala then. πŸ™‚

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I’m still alive

If you are wondering!

What’s the point of downloading the wordpress app on the iphone when u don’t use it? haha. that’s me.

Going off to HK tmw! Long story – was supposed to be Bangkok but u know I don’t really fancy walking around when bottles and stones and bombs and tear gas are flying around.. πŸ˜›

Oh well. Toodaloo!! I hope i will update after that!

Have a happy day!

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Dust dust dust!

Time to get the feather duster out!! *sneeze sneeze*
Man! That’s a lotof dust!
Ok a lot of crows flying across:)

Well just to say I’m still alive. A lot to say but dunno how to get it out of me. U know I’m not one who says anything at all!

Oh well.

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I am still cleaning up my room/clutter and was going thru stuff and found a piece of paper which I have written something I don’t any recollection of writing it:

‘ Rain will pour down on you but you can’t walk back in hope that you might find the sun. You can’t stay put where you are, you won’t get anywhere, you will just get wetter if you stay put. Just walk on, even if you get splashed. Just walk on, you will find your way home. The sun will come out eventually. It won’t rain forever. Don’t waste your energy dwelling on the fact that it’s raining- focus on the sunshine that awaits you ahead. Believe and trust that everything will be alright. You can use an umbrella, choose to remain wet, do something that makes you happy. One day, it would stop.’

Fwah.Β  BINGO! Just as well as I found it… but problem is I have been trudging thru the rain and mud…and i’m sick of it….. maybe i’m not walking on the correct path in the first place. even if it’s not raining..it feels like a thunderstorm looming ahead….

Oh well. Time to open my mouth. Hope i don’t back out!

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Hello there!

Been blog hopping – which I usually do while having my meal – a habit I can’t kick- I HAVE TOΒ  read something while eating even if there’s someone having the meal with me- don’t do that with my parents when we are out lah….u can ask Mia if u like. I think she hates this habit of mine cos I’m not giving her 100% of my attn – but I listen ok…

Anyways, I’m pretty amazed how much one person can think about and express out in words… I guess I’m not such a person and I can’t eh? That’s why my blog entries are just complaining and not so reflective. I just internalise everything cos I can’t express them in words – whatever I feel whatever I think. It may be just a fleeting moment of melancholic-ness- oh sorry the word is melancholy.. SEE? my englrish not good lah.

Had a ‘I wanna quit’ moment a few days ago AGAIN. I have been saying it for the past year – can go through my past year’s entries. I’m tired. AGAIN. That’s why it amazes me how I can tahan all this crap sometimes.I feel like I’m climbing this mountain whose peak is always adding to itself (growing taller) – whatever I do is never good enough. Darn tiring.

But then what would I do? See, I always almost never take risks.

Oh well. Chinese New Year’s coming up! πŸ™‚ Long long holiday! 6 days!! in KL!! *I love*…

My mum said to me, then take a rest and decide what u want to do that makes you happy. That’s the problem.


Doing nothing now seems like the answer but I can’t do that. Practically wise.

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Thought I wld update more with an iPhone but oh well. It just proves that I hv nothing to say or complain about which may mean that I’m boring! That’s terrible!

Read my entries for the year of 2009 and it’s just complaining! Terrible but I really hv nothing much to say or comment abt.

And goodness me! We are already 21 days into 2010!!! Aiyo.

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