My cats

I have 2 cats – that were strays and I picked up from where I worked (they were brought in by kind souls)

Unfortunately, both are blind. Betty already has 1 eye taken out and the other eye is totally inflammed and has to come out soon (when I have enough courage and strength). Her condition was thanks to viral flu… Now she’s fat and grumpy. She gets nervous very easily and thus will hiss at ANY THING.

Betty at the staircase

Betty at the staircase

She never fails to wait for me here when I’m climbing up the stairs – it’s not because she’s like a faithful loyal dog – it’s because she wants to chase my hand which is holding the railing… -_-“” but I still love her. πŸ™‚

The fat Betty's way of showing her affection

The fat Betty's way of showing her affection

Then when she feels like it she will ‘to peng’ for you to rub her tummy.

SHe loves to sleep on my bed.

One of her favourite positions

One of her favourite positions

And she isn’t very happy when I have to move her.

Now, she isn’t very happy cos I brought Kaixin home. Kaixin was a cat brought in by another stray cat lady – with HORRIBLE eyes which I had no choice but to remove both of them.

Kaixin and Betty are of opposite characters. WHile Betty is a very ‘kancheong’ cat, Kaixin is a ‘everything is cool’ little one.

She is FEARLESS. and destructive… and playful but very manja…. she will never fail to sit at the door when she hears my keys ring and when the door opens, there she is, sitting or ‘to-penging’Β  as if to say, ‘WELCOME HOME!’ All my troubles, stress from work suddenly disappears. πŸ™‚ No pictures cos no time to take.. πŸ˜›

Kaixin on Betty's Territory

Kaixin on Betty's Territory

She’s very small ok. Betty’s twice her size.

Betty trying to find Kaixin

Betty trying to find Kaixin

Betty still can’t tolerate Kaixin – whenever they meet, Betty will HISS and Hiss and hiss and then run away screaming… seriously SCREAMING. So now, Kaixin’s downstairs, Betty’s upstairs and occasionally I force them to be together… with a bit of screaming of course….

But what to do? I love them a lot!

psst. u know when I get so fed up with my parents, I’m usually VERY tempted to stay out and not go home, but it’s my cats that I think about and hence I have to go home… -_-||

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