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Sorry I have M.I.A.ed for so long… moved house and that totally took A LOT of my time besides work.

And I have resigned. QUIT.

Such a big relief.

Will be back to talk more – still have to unpack…..


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New blog

I have created another blog : Epitome of Uncreativity.

Pop by for a look – it’s still very raw.. but I hope I will take time in the midst of this moving to update..

Don’t worry this blog will be still running – just maybe for more personal/work/ranting stuff…

That blog is for my uncreative projects… hehe.

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For baby myra

For my cousin’s newborn girl- hope she likes it! The tag/ribbon on the right – if u pull that- it reveals a tag where the journaling can be.

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new record

New record made! Arrived home from work at 445AM!!

Prev record was 4 am I think….


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I think I need to update more.

Eh? That’s what I keep saying each time I update… and I should try not to complain… but then again, this is a blog – a web diary and isn’t it meant for ranting away?

Well, things at work has gotten a teenie weenie bit better – talked to the boss – or rather cried to the boss (don’t ask me why I just broke down as if talking to my shepherd/mentor) Guess, I have reached the threshold? They didn’t allow me to go part-time with some excuse of saying they would like the vet to be accountable to their own casee- BUT what I think – i’m always in the country, it’s not like I’m working 1 day a week only, if u need me to be there – I would be there.Anyway, I started to take the nights off 2x a week, it’s helping but I’m still tired of running this crazy race. I’ve stopped running/going to the gym/exercising – and I can feel the weight slowly creeping up – i have lost all discipline and the steam…

I wonder if I would be happier just quitting altogether. Then what am I to do? The very very kiasu side of me would rather hold on to this job – at least I’ve got good bosses…

Enough of ranting? How has my very very small readers been? Leave a comment to let me know yah?

I have started a new hobby of scrapbooking/cardmaking/altering boxes and what nots (latest is a clip board) – have lots to improve on – cos i’m not exactly the most creative – and when I finally have time to sit down to do something crafty and is very inspired – i get interrupted by the daily chores, the mother who wants something down right now kind…. I have taken some pics – they are on my Facebook…. my scrapbook layouts are a bit plain jane though…so..

It’s threatening to rain right now- so it better rain afterwards when I arrive at work – hate driving in the rain esp if I’m that sleepy…. rain harder – no one will come! 🙂 So bad.

Anyways, enjoy what’s left of the weekend, I hope to keep updating I suppose…

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u know what?

Wow 2 posts within few minutes!

I just realised I have been ending my blog posts with ‘oh well’!

Ha. Trivial. But still… must change!

At this moment of time, I really really wanted to type oh well out…

lalala then. 🙂

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I’m still alive

If you are wondering!

What’s the point of downloading the wordpress app on the iphone when u don’t use it? haha. that’s me.

Going off to HK tmw! Long story – was supposed to be Bangkok but u know I don’t really fancy walking around when bottles and stones and bombs and tear gas are flying around.. 😛

Oh well. Toodaloo!! I hope i will update after that!

Have a happy day!

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