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Beggars can’t be choosers

I finally have something to blog about!!

Today, was bored at home so I decided to drag my mum out for some retail therapy. We were walking towards ORchard MRT, aiming to go to Taka. On the way, there was this young girl, about say 20? approached this other lady that was walking in front of us and from what I could hear, she asked if the lady in front whether she had 2 bucks for lunch which got rejected anyway.

So when it got to like our ‘turn’, we politely refused. THen guess what?

Her: 为什么?

Us: Sorry…no.



What is wrong with the world? What is wrong with people nowadays???!!!

No one bothers holding the door for you anymore, no one THANKS you when u waited that extra 3 seconds for the person behind to catch up – I actually held the door for someone who just walked in without holding the door as if I was employed to do so…and better still, I wasn’t even appreciated at all! Goodness.

I have had people running out from nowhere when I’m on the road and I was like THIS close to knocking them down, better still, THEY DIDN’T LOOK, NOR DID THEY LIKE RUN. It’s as if they had the right to the road…but excuse me, the traffic light’s like just THERE. I nearly killed this school girl who was running across the road for her bus and she didn’t even bother raising her hand to like say sorry. Goodness.

And and and, isn’t it sad that we have to advertise about when some big conference (I can’t remember what), the 4 million smiles thingo, we have to put our very best forward? This shouldn’t be even said, shouldn’t it become part of us? To want to show how much we are friendly people and blah blah blah blah blah? No. So sad.

Dear me. Are we becoming monsters? I forgot to mention those people I meet at work…some are angels some are monsters. So sad that as technology improves, as our economy improves, basic courtesy, basic manners and morals are starting to fade into nothingness. ‘Everyone is like that what?!’ So follow ah? WHere are YOUR values? Goodness.

Oh by the way, happy birthday singapore.

Like the place don’t like its people.

And, to that girl who asked for that 2 bucks – it’s not that I couldn’t afford to give u that 2 bucks. But:

1. You are so young. I’m sure you can find something to do, even if it means cleaning toilets or selling tissue paper. God didn’t give you two hands, two legs and a brain for nothing.

2. You didn’t have to be THAT rude.

3. Even the ah pek selling magazines had bad legs, he still was DOING something with his life. The ah pek that looked like he might collapse anytime at the underground pass between Isetan scotts and wheelock sold tissue paper. He did something.


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Why liddat?

Last Saturday, I got pushed by some stupid ah soh onto the bus that was stopping. She was obviously rushing to get on the bus. Of course, I turned around and drowned her with whatever vulgarities and shouting I could possibly muster. It was quite dramatic actually cos when I was doing my shouting, everyone, including those proceeding to board the bus stopped to look at me. The lady wasn't apologetic at all. THat really really pissed me off. In fact, she continued pushing. So I turned around and shouted, STOP PUSHING bloody shit! And she continued pushing. So, I took my time boarding the bus.

Yes, you may say, this happens ALL THE TIME my dear. Live with it. Yah, true. Everytime I go out – I meet at least one these kinds. Which really to me, is very very very sad.

Even my aussie classmates pointed out to me, its the asians that push, that cut queues that annoys the shit out of them. And I tell them cos its the only way to survive. I do understand, we are a lot but we live in such a tiny space, thus we need to fight for our air to breathe, blah blah. But it doesn't mean u can push, be rude. I think its more being concious that there ARE other people around you, and not you alone. THe world doesn't revolve around you only.

I really feel like writing a letter to the forum. What has the government done for us? Provide provide provide, till it produced a whole country of people who take take take, want want and want. Like pigs who lie in their sty. What the government provides – subsidies etc, we take like mad, in fact we make the effort to claim… when the government doesn't provide in a certain aspect of our life, we complain. When the government taxes us, we complain. When the government takes part of our pay for CPF, we complain like mad. Well, have we ever thought where these funds will go? Where has all these subsidies gone to? Gone to make a fatter and greedier pig of ourselves.

Why subsidise education? In fact, where has all the education gone to? Whatever education we had, boh hiao eh. MEi you yong. Gone down the drain. Like what we always say, throw back to teacher. Where have all the manners gone to?

I have met kind Singaporean souls -I'm not saying ALL are idiots. But is there a need to push, a need to cut queue, a need to be kancheong? Ok, yes there is a need to be kancheong cos u will lose out but my point is, there is no need to be rude, no need to be inconsiderate. WHo says Singapore is a clean country? Without cleaners and those little green cars, are our streets going to be clean? no. Who dumps these rubbish? Us.

Why have a degree when really all u can do is push? Why have a Merz when u don't signal? Where is your class?
No class right? Merz to show all that u can afford it, but the status? Not there. I don't respect you.

We are not going to improve as a society if we just run the rat race everyday- mindlessly running on the wheel, pushing others off. Yes, its a dog eat dog society….we can't afford to be nice lalalalala. But what I feel is important is- morals and ethics. Yes, I may sound like a go by the book, boring annoying, holier-than-thou person but if everyone could just have some manners, what a wonderful place this would be to live in. Competition is competition, of course during the race you would have to out run a person, but not using underhanded means.

I went shopping that Saturday. My friend made a comment, 'Aiyah! Why be so nice to them? They won't be nice to you what?' I can't really remember what I did, but it did piss me off. Suo wei de you can't beat them, then join them. Kiasu annoying idiots probably live by this motto. I don't believe in that why be nice kinda shit, its what I wanna live by, NOBODY is going to determine whether I wanna be nice or not.

If I hold the door for someone, I decided I will hold it. Yes, sometimes it pisses me off if someone just walks in without holding the door as if i was the doorman and sometimes I feel like just slamming the door on them, but you'd never know right? I don't need the person to be nice back to me lah…I just wanna make a difference lor. Only me, 1 out of 4 million, fat hope right? but who knows the person whom I have been a bit nicer too would have been a bit happier and would have been a bit nicer to the next person…pass it forward so to speak.

Ok lah. I hv had enough…I can complain like till next year siah.

But pls hor, if u read this post, it doesn't mean that others are mean or rude, you have to be a rude person.

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Narrow mindedness

My uncle came over on SUnday to discuss his daughter's education. Well, he's scared that she can't get into uni and blah blah blah… which I believe she can..but what she wants to study is econs which requires u to do a first year course first, same as everyone then u stream into econs..and there are limited spaces etc he's worried that she may not get in.

Well. I know I should not be talking about this. but wat got me pissed is that he has his own set of thinking which is fine by me -everyone has their own opinion as to how the world should work. But not when u start attacking my opinion, not when u tell me HOW i should think. Your opinion may not be right but I listen what. My uncle always comes over for opinions AND NEVER LISTENS. So all the time he just goes home with what he had originally in his head.

So, my conclusion is. I just tell him straight in his face. You are right. Don't doubt yourself. You are right. COs I can argue about it till the next day if u like.

He started rattling off, saying that it was MY generation that decided to go with western values. WE like the freedom etc etc.. we take its advantages, but yet we also take the advantages of wat asian values can give us..blah blah blah blah blah. i got furious. cos HOW BLARDEE DARE YOU BLAME MY GENERATION. without YOUR generation, WHERE can my generation be? excuse me. stupid mcp. if u want to live like a traditional chinese. go live in china lah. go live somewhere else where u can tolerate everything lah. you like to blame your wife, you like to blame your daughter, you like to blame your niece! But never yourself. So ok lor.

Bloody fucking piece of shit.

His mind is sooooooooooooo narrow. So damn bloody narrow. THat is why he can't see anythign others see. And not only it is narrow, it is determined to stay narrow. THen fine! Don't come attacking the path I want to take.

My mum and I talked and talked..and I agreed (for once) with my mum that my cousin just needs to learn herself. Takes two hands to clap.

SO pissed.

aarghhhhhhhhhh. I think my uncle's worse than my mum. NARROW minded.

Ok. narrow minded pple don't read blogs right? Esp him. REally prejudiced, so he probably think aiyah, blog for what? k. but my cousin might read this no? never mind lah.

ok. i am done ranting.

gotta go soon.
going to mia's house…

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Yesterday, I got asked the most difficult question to answer.

Wanna meet up? So long din see you…..

See, if someone u haven’t met for a long time, by right you should be happy to meet up with am I not right?

But this person, is annoying.

Not stupid annoying but I don’t ever want to see her EVER in my life again annoying.

Yes, I remember hurts easily and I don’t easily forgive.

Both my dad and Mia say I am very vindictive and vengeful. YES. I admit.

But there are certain things I forget, certain things I remember. And those things that I remember, are the things that were unjust, that hurt. Especially those unjust things done towards me.

Dunno lah. Just me.

So u ask me, what answer I gave.

I gave up. I just switched my MSN status to appear offline.

I don’t understand after giving her so many monosyllable answers, WHY DOESN’T SHE GEDDIT?

dense man.

ok. that’s it. I am going to say it here. and if she can read this, GOOD. my blog link is on my msn.


NO. i don’t EVER want to meet you. not for coffee, lunch, high tea, dinner, watever. NO.

no1 Audio pronunciation of ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n)

  1. Used to express refusal, denial, disbelief, emphasis, or disagreement: No, I’m not going. No, you’re wrong.
  2. Not at all; not by any degree. Often used with the comparative: no better; no more.
  3. Not: whether or no.


if u want to know why, read this lah. I can’t be bothered replying and writing a whole lot….


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Diarrhoea post

ok 2 parts to this post.

I was sick. Over the weekend. Let me tell you the story.

Saturday. Woke up at 11am as I slept at 230am the 'night' before after a long night out at Mackers.
Ate a big bowl of yong tau foo noodles.

Stomachache. Not that kind of normal stomachache but as if someone was twisting your stomach like a wet towel.

So it went on the whole entire afternoon. I thought I could bear with it, so I got changed and MADE up for my JC class gathering. Then it started raining. So, I waited for my parents to come back to fetch me.

As I lay in bed, I got super cold. Then I got fever (apa itu simi English lah). SO cannot go lah…

anyway to cut the story short. i had diarrhoea 4 times during the night.

Sunday. My fever started again (subsided when I went to bed the previous night) and my body started to ache and my head was sooooooooo pain if I shifted it, I got giddy.

Fed up, my dad took me to the doctor. Doctor told me might be dengue fever. ok.

And then throughout the night. I had profuse watery diarrhoea many times. Peeing out poo.

Monday came. ALright!!! Except I spent the whole day sleeping.

Ok end of part one.

Part Two.

You know on Sunday there was a drill right? In case of a terrorist attack?


So Outram had shuttle buses to the other train stations. and this was wat one of the people had to say.

'Ying gai gei wo men duo yi dian ba shi ma!'(should give us more buses!!)

Uncle, you think when the terrorist attack, there WILL be buses? COunt your blessings.

'Yao gao su wo men you ze ge yan xi ma!' (should have told us there would be this drill!)

Hello. You live in mountain ah? They have been telling us since end of Dec last year liao wor. and they tell you no fun. Especially FOR you. Would terrorists tell us, eh.tomolo we going to bomb your mrt stations, watch out ah?

My goodness. Singaporeans are too spoilt for choice.

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Respect others

Have a read of this. Altho it's been a few days since this report and newpaper has decided to revamp its look, but I still have things to say.

The Orchard Road underpass (that's what I call it, altho the whole stretch of the road has quite a few) has been one of my paths almost everyday (ALMOST) and for the past 15 years ( how long I have been living around the area), there never has been a time where I did not see Mr Lim, our dearest blind basker playing his keyboard, guitar or what you call that..accordion (unless you turn up tooooo early) There have been times when I purposely walked slowly (yes, to irritate those pple behind) to sort of drown myself in his music, or whiz by, in a rush to beat the queue to get my favourite jollybean soyabeam milk at CK Tang. I have given my part to him sometimes, when I am not in that whiz-here-whiz-there mode, and even resisted the urge to go up to him to tell him he is doing a very good job. Yes, there are rumours he is actually quite well-to-do, owns a condo, and most of his keep goes to charity like NKF. However, one cannot discredit him for earning our money like that – how many like him i.e. blind/disabled are like him? Despite his disability, instead of depending on charities, on the government, he is at least USING his talents to DO something (and even giving back to the society). Even if he does it for the money, it's his well-earned money. Compared to some, who have a brain, feet, pair of hands but unfortunately choose to do nothing with it. I am not sure if u know of this guy (very young prob,early twenties) who used to sit at the underpass from Scotts to Lido? He was featured in Newpaper last year, but I can't find the link. Well, he just SAT there with a sign saying his family is poor, please donate or something. Yeah, he just SAT THERE. No tissue paper to sell, no guitar, no plain voice singing. He just SAT THERE LIKE SOME IDIOT. To me, he doesn't deserve ANY of my sympathy nor empathy becos he is normal – has a brain, can see, has feet can walk, has hands can do something.

Coming back to my main story and also coming back to the above story in the newpaper. I don't think it was very fair of that Mr Fernandez to hurl such accusations or do such things to him. Note, I am taking Miss Low's account of the story to be true (even tho she is obviously on Mr Useful Lim's side) I have seen Mr Fernandez and his fren Mr Shepherdson basking at the Lido to Borders underpass many times – almost all the time I use that underpass. and, I do not have a very good impression of him tho his performance can be quite good. There was one day when I was walking towards Lido in the underpass, I saw him ordering a cleaner (presumably from Wheelock Place – had the uniform) to clean up the area where he was basking. Mr Fernandez was walking next to the poor cleaner who was busy sweeping away, telling him to clean up and sort of in a condescending manner, telling him to CLEAN IT UP! I was pissed. 1. He had no right to order someone HE DIDN'T employ around. 2. He has no authority to order him around and talk to the poor cleaner (even if he was the employer, he still has no right to talk to him like that) 3. He had no right to draw a very obvious line – as in a cleaner is way way below down there mentality – a cleaner is a job. I walked past him, slowed down, gave him my lethal stare which he just ignored and continued his 'supervising' of that poor cleaner. I should have kicked him in the balls. And hence, this is why I choose to be on Mr Lim's side.

Look, if anyone reading this gets infruriated or something, that is fine. But why fall into the trap Mr Fernandez? Jealousy brings you nowhere, it just brings harm to yourself. Mr Lim has been basking in the Orchard Rd Underpass for like SO LONG and you? How long? You have a guitar, sometimes you have a mic to help you, you have a good voice then continue doing your part. If you don't like where u are ( I know that underpass can be quite quiet) CHANGE? Don't blame your unfortunate circumstances on someone. He just has been there for long and he is just doing his part – everyone needs to earn their keep, have a job. So why not just do yours? You are just a — ok I shan't call you names, but I think what you did was so uncalled for. And now, you have brought more damage to yourself.

Say, I look from your point of view, yes, maybe Miss Low has been doing SUCH things (calling the police and making up stories of other baskers) just to keep the whole area 'clean' and Mr Lim can 'monopolise' the area, does it mean you have to stoop down to their level? (if that was true I mean) I am sure your fren witnessed your initial outburst towards Mr Lim, so I take that outburst to be true and that Miss Low wasn't making up such story (maybe the pushing around part no) There was no need to shout at such a man, FOR GOODNESS SAKE LEAVE HIM ALONE. He is blind, he is just trying, how harder is your life than his? I am sure his life isn't tat easy and smooth-sailing either.

Now, I am sure that you can't even bask there already even if you were innocent. Reputation is very important in this society know?

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