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The post about Bangkok

Not much of a post…. but I will try…

Last Tuesday, I got out of bed and walked down the stairs groggily. 

'Eh! Are we going off for a short trip or not? Bangkok? Ok, let me call the travel agency.'  My mum said.

And viola! After a trip to the travel agency, we were set to fly to Bangkok the very next day.

 Bangkok! Here we come!!! The flight was scary…one little fact bout me. I absolutely HATE taking off. Probably came from 5 years of flying here and there..there was once the plane dropped while taking off so from then on, I was absolutely terrified. To think I took the giant drop. Anyway, this plane was like a 1 litre car trying to achieve high speed in 10 sec. BUmp bump bump, shake shake shake…shake all the way till it lifted. Scary siah. 

  Apparently, that is Pattaya beach or something…the captain said so.

THe landing wasn't any better then the take off – it felt like the plane was going to nose dive into the runway…but landing doesn't bother me as much as a take off does.

We had a private airport transfer to our hotel, Baiyoke Sky, supposedly the tallest hotel in Bangkok.  Got given a very eerie room- beds at a corner..  A HUGE space between anything, tv and sofa were not facing each other. The safe wasn't working so we cooked up a fuss n got a free room upgrade!! Didn't take the room lah…but was 5 floors higher than the previous and was much much better.

The view from my room. Not much of a view considering how polluted that place was.

We were directly opposite a wholesale retail centre so we went shopping for a while before hunting for our dinner – a restaurant which we went quite a few times cos it was near the hotel and someone spoke cantonese there… 

All signs in Bangkok say 11am to 12pm. Which is funny. THey open for 2 hours only.

  Gau gau Tom Yam soup!!!

Pepsi in a retro bottle for 20 baht!!! which is 90cents.

After dinner we walked back to the hotel via the night market….where there were a lot of roadside stalls…  


 Taken while mum was buying water apple….

Huge prawns!! Forgot to ask how much..but the guy was nice to hold them even though we didn't buy it…..

We didn't buy much the first day cos we thot we just rackie since that shopping centre was like 2 minutes from our hotel.

Breakfast at the 78th storey.

Then we went down to MBK!!

Not my pic…. too lazy and too hot to whip out camera. 

We walked all the way to the skytrain station which in a very hot day is not advisable.. I got sunburnt shoulders just walking there.  And ok. From now till the next day, sorry no photos cos shopping takes priority.  Oh wait, I did steal a photo or two.

Lunch. Wasn't supposed to take pics but I took it anyway. 

 While waiting for the lift, saw this karaoke room.

Ok…nothing much lah…what else? SHOP shop shop lor. Got back to the hotel to watch mum's silly korean show (thank God for cable)

I got bored. and took the sunset from the room.

Went to the same restaurant, shopped at night market, bought some stuff. Like that lor.

We didn't go to Chatuchak Market cos a lot of people including locals said although it was cheap, my mum wouldn't make it there…it was stuffy and hot and crowded. So I will leave that to next time. 

I know u must be waiting for wat I bought. Let me show you.

We left with this;


 And came back with these:

Some stuff taken out liao lah..mum had to do laundry as usual.

And..what's in the bag:

Heaps of polos!

Shirts to give away cos i can't fit into them. Blardee hell.
 Bags bags bags

 Earrings and stands


That is all! WOuld have bought more if I didn't have my mum around….hehe. Next time man!

Most were 'ONE NINE NINE MAR DARM!' hehe but after some haggling it went down lah…

I missed the MTV awards damnit although I was at Siam Paragon where it was held that very day. ANNOYING. 

Ok lah. I hope this is readable.  oVerall it was a good trip. DIdn't get stressed or annoyed with mother at all which is a good thing. 

Next time u wanna go Bangkok, REMEMBER TO JIO ME.  

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I left myself at Raffles City

Yesterday, I exploded and left part of myself at Raffles City.

I bumped into someone who sort of evoked the happy memories I had of ACJC.


ok. damnit lah. Should have taken his number. Why u so stupid Shu?

but anyways, i must stand firmly on ground. Not build sandcastles in the air.

If you are reading this, YOU MADE MY DAY! (and caused me to get a lot of stares cos I was grinning to myself like a silly little girl)

*squeals in delight*

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On Friday, we went to the zoo!

This is a VERY VERY late post. All thanks to my procrastination and addiction to online shopping.

Talking about my online shopping… MORE of online selling lah. I sold more than I bought more.

I only scored 2 loots . Maybelline mousse blush and burt bees lip balm…… bidding for h20 moisturiser… 12 bucks only.

Ok back to my late entry. The Friday before last, when it was still February. We went to the zoo.

TO take little P3 kids to the zoo for excursion – to teach them about their animal groups they were allocated to. So I was taking the birds group which was a big mistake. So difficult to find birds.

Anyway, I thought I was about to slaughter everyone cos they weren't a very united 7 people group..very split…so obviously when they were looking at exhibits they were all over the place..I didn't want to come with 7 kids and go back with like 5. Instead, they did amuse me. I thought it was better to be amused with them then to be totally pek cek..cos sometimes 9 year old kids are amusing.

Like when they saw a peacock with its tail all raised up, they started screaming, 'Peacock!!!!!' and running towards the peacock. Imagine 7 little human beings all swarming towards the poor peacock, probably scaring the shits out of him. True enough they did, the poor peacock had to try to fly up to the nearest tree.

Anyway, after half a day of 'chasing' kids and walking, we waved bye bye and decided to go explore the zoo slowly by ourselves.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Mia and I at the entrance..couldn't get the whole singapore zoo in the pic…

I didn't take a whole lot of pics cos camera was running out of battery…..

but managed to take some videos though.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Mr Polar Bear posing, waiting for his meal.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Mr Iguana…very cute.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Mini Monkey. I can't remember the name but it starts with 'M' My dad knows it but he's away so cannot ask…. all I can think now it sounds like Maserati.

Cute no?

And I really want to live a life like this:
Image hosting by Photobucket
Fat jaguar!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Handsome white tiger.

And Mia decided to tease the chimpanzee…maybe she thought he was handsome and she was going back to her roots. Hehe.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Ok. Where to now?

The elephant show.

Doing some trick lah….

Ok dokes. Ladies and gentlemen, end of my zoo trip. Sorry for the boring type of writing. Not really in the mood to tell story.

Thank you for watching the show!!

That friday was a big day man.
We were invited by Diana to VIP seats at Glamour QUest whom Mark Tan was in.

And guess who?
Image hosting by Photobucket
HEr! Guo Mei Mei

Ok I do have some thing about her name… but anyhows, I was SO scared she would sing her bu pa bu pa song. But thank God she didn't.

Ok lah..Leave u with 2 clips of her songs….

TIred liao lah.

AI shi ni yen li de yi shou qing ge

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Image hosting by Photobucket

OH MY GAWD*shu faints*

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My graduation

k. just a picture post.

Didn't get much pictures cos it was freaking freaking freaking HOT and all we were doign was take liao, zao ah. plus the fact we were all getting grumpier by the minute. and i was, cos my mum was super fussing over me. oh well.

Image hosted by

tada!! heeh. gown was in a mess cos shoulders not broad enuff.

Image hosted by

Me proud parents!!!!

And if i squint. cos it's TOO bloody hot.

Image hosted by
Don't u dare mess with me k… me smart know..muahahaha!

Image hosted by
Went crazy lah. 5 years of head damage.

Image hosted by
Jackie and me

Image hosted by
Edna and me

Image hosted by
Jenny and me

Image hosted by
Meg and me

Then later that evening, I went for grad dinner.

And met a couple of lousy phototakers….lousy pictures ahead.

Image hosted by
The fantastic four!!! Miss Control Freak is the one in silver, third from left

Image hosted by
This is a horrible picture. everyone wasn't really looking.. but here u go. part of my rotation group.

Image hosted by
My fav lecturer!!!!

Anyway, I had a good time…and I am no longer a student.
Sigh. my life starts now.

ok dokes.

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Call me Dr Ng


Everybody listen up listen up… *claps hand*

From now onwards, please call me Dr Ng.


man. i am so bloody happy.

been put on the list of confirmed graduands with Class IIA honours!!! Woohoo!

that means. Dr Ng. BVSc (Hons)

I am so so so happy.

5 years of bloody hard work and tears have finally paid off.

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