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Am finally making use of my wordpress app on iPhone.

Had been wanting to do a layout of myself.

Bought the sticker ‘This is me’ first n it was sitting in my HUGE scrapbooking stash for quite a few months. This picture was taken at the loreal makeover thing n it was perfect!

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Got ink boh? (有墨水)

Was just reflecting upon the past few months after I started work…and I thought to myself… wow. How much have I improved!

When I was still in uni, I used to dread the time I would have to do my first consult, my first surgery cos I didn’t think I was that fantastic. In fact, I thought I didn’t know anything. (Now, I still think I don’t) Friends (non-vet students) around me didn’t think it was that big a problem. When I graduated, it got worse, cos I became a vet and vets are supposed to know a lot. It became more terrifying knowing that there are people looking to you as if I was supposedly a person who is all knowlegeable. But neh, vets ain’t gods. We still pee, poo, sleep and eat. I went for my first interview – and the person told me that everyone graduates and realises that they dont know anything. Even if you do, it’s more about talking to the clients more than regurgitating what was given to you in uni. Anyway, he gave me a lot of comfort and encouragement – at least I know that I am not the only one out there.

I started my first week of my job shaking. Nervous. Didn’t know how to go about this, didn’t know how to go about that.. didn’t know what I was talking about… lalala..but now.. hehehehehe.. queen of all bullshit. My surgery has improved – faster, sewing still sucks but getting better.

*big pat on my back* It’s has been almost 3 months (almost end of my probation period) but I’m getting better.

I lurve wu yue tian!! Cos their songs and lyrics really are what I like to say…..


Click ontitle to watch video on youtube.
有一天 我在想 我到底算是个什么东西 还是我
会不会 根本就不算东西 天天都漫无目的
偏偏又想要证明真理 别人从屁股放屁
我却每天每天都说要革命 就算是整个世界
把我拋弃 而至少快乐伤心我自己决定
所以我说 就让他去 我知道潮落之后一定有潮起
有什么了不起 常常我 豁出去 拚了命 走过却没有痕迹
可是我 从不怕 挖出我火热的心 手上有一个硬币
反面就决定放弃 嗝屁 但是啊在我心底 却完完全全不想放弃
常常我闭上眼睛 听到了海的呼吸 是你 温柔的蓝色潮汐
告诉我没有关系 就算真的 整个世界 把我拋弃
而至少快乐伤心我自己决定 所以我说 就让他去
我知道潮落之后一定有潮起 我不能忘记 无论是 我的明天
要去哪里 而至少快乐伤心我自己决定 所以我说 就让他去
我知道潮落之后一定有潮起 有什么了不起 啦啦啦 啦啦啦

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Something to get it through all

就算有多么不如意的事情, 也要懂得对自己说 – 我忍得住
不管 有多大的挫择, 也要懂得对自己说 – 我撑得住
就算有多伤心绝望, 也要懂得对自己说 – 我看得开

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