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I am sick

Sick sick sick sick sick.

I am sick.

Physically sick ah. Not sick of people pushing me lah. Now I am feelign sick got excuse to push the person back not? Cannot lah.. I very the nice one. I just loudspeaker you and drown you with my saliva…liddat nicer.

My nose has been running to nowhere since wednesday. TOday, its just stuck. It realised that suddenly the pathway became narrow. HAHA. I am lame. and sick. MY throat also needs some de-clogging. Pain and sore.


My fav Mayday song at the moment. The lyrics don't make sense but anyhows, its a happy song. Beats having a running nose and an aching body.

So, everyone is doing the my Heritage thingo SO. ok lah…I tried..and put THE only picture I can find of myself in this computer.

Image hosting by Photobucket
A bit the unglam hor… LOOK at the no. of zits on my face!! ok… I will go take a picture of myself at the exact spot and show you how my complexion has improved.

And guess who I looked like?
Image hosting by Photobucket
Told you I should have been in Afghanistan.

Of course, I not very happy cos WHO THE HELL IS SHE? (pls pardon my ignorance.. i only know mayday, sun yan zi and and and?) So I clicked on the next one. Ok…at least I know who she is.

Image hosting by Photobucket

And the next one? I LIKE. This is more like it man..hahaha.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Tadah! haha. I am mad lah. Totally senseless blog entry. Don't say I copy Kenny SIa, everyone else is doing it too.

My nose is stuck. aaaargh.

Still have to cook lunch for my mother and the part time cleaner… pls pray i don't sneeze into it.


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I am not a graph

Maybe its the time of the month.

Maybe I'm just grumpy. As usual. I can hear you say.

I got a bit upset today.

That would explain the nick I put on my MSN – Please don't label me, I'm not a graph-I'm human.

I know a lot of you see me as a serious person. I don't deny. I am.

But please don't make assumptions about me, please don't make those decisions for me.

You won't enjoy. You won't do this won't do that.

I am sick of it.

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Yesterday, I got asked the most difficult question to answer.

Wanna meet up? So long din see you…..

See, if someone u haven’t met for a long time, by right you should be happy to meet up with am I not right?

But this person, is annoying.

Not stupid annoying but I don’t ever want to see her EVER in my life again annoying.

Yes, I remember hurts easily and I don’t easily forgive.

Both my dad and Mia say I am very vindictive and vengeful. YES. I admit.

But there are certain things I forget, certain things I remember. And those things that I remember, are the things that were unjust, that hurt. Especially those unjust things done towards me.

Dunno lah. Just me.

So u ask me, what answer I gave.

I gave up. I just switched my MSN status to appear offline.

I don’t understand after giving her so many monosyllable answers, WHY DOESN’T SHE GEDDIT?

dense man.

ok. that’s it. I am going to say it here. and if she can read this, GOOD. my blog link is on my msn.


NO. i don’t EVER want to meet you. not for coffee, lunch, high tea, dinner, watever. NO.

no1 Audio pronunciation of ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n)

  1. Used to express refusal, denial, disbelief, emphasis, or disagreement: No, I’m not going. No, you’re wrong.
  2. Not at all; not by any degree. Often used with the comparative: no better; no more.
  3. Not: whether or no.


if u want to know why, read this lah. I can’t be bothered replying and writing a whole lot….


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Well, I was. But now my anger has sort of boiled down (after a day – maybe it was good that blogger was down during that time) but i will blog it anyway.

If I don't land a job in Hongkong, or land a job here, or even UK (maybe not), and if I have to 乖乖 trot home to Singapore, I will, when I have the ability to earn enough keep to MOVE OUT. (well, either i work my shit ass out or find a rich husband quick – the latter seems like a better idea) Mia, u wanna join me?

And so being, I will leave a stubborn cow, and a stubborn bull to fight each other out and I, the stubborn calf, will not suffer being stuck in between.

I could just strangle my mother. SHe just DOES NOT listen. Not that I am ordering her around or anything, I just warning her the road she is taking will end up in a big pile of mistakes. She won't listen and so, she goes on. Sometimes, I really wonder whether she is just living in her own world, and whatever she hears just goes through her ears without bypassing the brain. I AM SO SICK of trying to stop her. You might be saying, then 你走你的阳光道,我走我的阴 something 路 (my chinese a bit half past six sorry) NO. i can't. SHe will drag me onto her yang guang dao, I can't argue cos SHE DOESN'T LISTEN so how? make the mistake with her lor. Even if I ignore her, and not follow her, the mistake made will be still mine (a bit complicated to explain) If the consequences are not mine to bear, 我才懒得理你嘞… but its becos I care therefore I voice out. but in the end, all I end up with is, tonnes of frustration. And becos its my mother, thus I voice out. If u are just a fren, I voice out once, u don't listen then go ahead. I am not always right anyways.

even if i ignore her, which i have been, she will still go on doing dumb dumb stuff. AARGH. Dunno lah. My dad just lets her do what she wants, cos it doesn't involve him most of the time.. (tat is what men do right? when there is an arguement btwn mum and daughter, it's their business, they just sit there and watch good show) Even if she nags him, he will just say ok and go on and do whatever… but I can't just say ok and do..cos it's not me, and I don't want to walk one big circle to do things…..which she doesnt understand.

I have spoken to her about these things. BUT IT IS NOT IN HER HEAD. i have spoken nicely and politely without screaming my head off, but SHE DOESN'T GET IT.

Next time, I am not going to be that nice liao. I dunno what it takes to get it in head that I AM ME. not her but she refuses to let go. aargh. Her frens have spoken to her (upon my request), I cried in front of her, her sister has adviced her, my dad has adviced her, WHAT THE BLARDDEEE HELL CAN GET HER TO GET IT? I don't even think God can. *tears hair out in total frustration*

if I die in some freak accident, dunno how she is going to take it man.

I am TRYING very hard to be a good daughter as I can be, I know raising me isn't easy, and I just want to do my part, but it's so BLARDDEEE hard.

i have blogged about this like a million and ten times. I wonder when I will stop.

haha. a complaining entry. Only 2 things i complain about : idiots(mostly those inconsiderate singaporeans) and my mum

Talking about that, I have been reading quite a few blogs, and there is not one, without a comment about idiotic inconsiderate kiasu s'poreans…see? *rolls eyes*

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