I’m bored. REALLY bored. I ran out of ideas for scrapbooking, lost my inspiration. And somehow, lost all interest in anything… literally. Blame it on the PMS man but I feel aimless – where has all that steam gone?

I do have ideas on what projects I can do and have been wanting to do some sort of layout or something related to this song.

The grammar of the subtitles completely wrong man.

Anyway, I want to put these words in my ‘layout’:

Someone who sees like a child, gives like a saint

“Feels like an angel, never mind the broken wings and

Speaks like a picture, cries like the rain

Shines like a star

As long as the fire remains”

So, I took out one of these cheapo canvas bought from Daiso (it’s too white la- they must have bleached it) and placed it on my table. And I’ve no idea what to do – lots of ideas shooting in my mind – make it look really vintagey/rustic? Or bright colors? WHat to use? Paint? distress ink? WHAT? What stamps to use? papers leh? what bout flowers? or even diamond swirls? aaaaahhh.. too much.

So the empty VERY white canvas still lies in front of me. (something’s telling me, not gonna work out very well – normal canvas is off white – maybe should go art friend and buy)

Why the canvas? Not a simple 12″x 12″ cardstock for the background?

It reminds of us. When God made us, we were a big white canvas  – but as life goes on, the canvas gets stained with a lot of things, trauma, good things, the bad things. that is if we let them. Long after, we try to cover the canvas with a protective covering – like mod podge or glaze so that it becomes waterproof.

I’m not applying mod podge till I get something on that piece of canvas!!!

Oh well. Time to rack my brains again. I tell you I think that canvas is going to lie on the table for at least 2 days. 😛

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