2 posts within an hour! Bonus man! :)

haha. see? told u I’m bored and that canvas won’t get filled up yet ( read below first if u don’t know what I’m talking about)

So I was scrolling through my posts all the way back from vet school… and I surprise myself- wah, I actually can write quite well! (ehhehe. Head’s a bit swollen now) and amongst ALL that complaining I did, I must write this:

“5 years of my bloody life. NO more mugging, no more worrying about the stupid cow practical I am going to have the next day, no more sleepless nights, no more falling asleep in lectures, no more saying the wrong thing and being forgiven for it, no more acting dumb (my trick for getting less of a scolding), no more being a student.”

Pardon the french but u must understand, 5 years in uni was quite tough. Anyway,this was when I JUST graduated.

Now I have to retort to these statements I wrote 5 years ago.

I still have sleepless nights – worrying about hospitalised cases, worrying about the surgery, worrying about almost everything that can happen.

I still say wrong things.

I still say dumb things but not on purpose.

haha. It’s actually easier to be the vet student.

But we move on, and not look back and wallow in any regrets we have.

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