So Long no See

Man. That seems to what I say ALL THE TIME. Shame on me! It’s been 2 weeks since I have left my job and now am UNEMPLOYED! (and it took me so long to start blogging) It seems a bit shameless la, or rather I’m proud of it… but I’m happy! For now! Been catching up on all the projects (scrapbooking) I was meant to do. Forget abt Xmas cards la… by the time I’m done, new year liao… hehe.

Don’t ask me what’s next ok, although I have a fair share of pple asking me all that.. I DON’T KNOW (and I don’t want to care for now)

SO besides trying to finish up all my altered notebooks for my nurses and name plates for the vets (which I have lost all inspiration for so that stays on the table for a while) I have been taking photography class. It opened up A WHOLE LOT of things – besides just pointing your camera and press the shutter release- wah, really an art must think one… haha

And besides, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!  hehe. Oh well. old decade liao… i don’t feel old at all!

Ok la, rambling. Leave you with a cute cat I took during my photography outing.

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