You know what. I just wanna know WHO’S reading my blog.

Even if u r Xiu, or Mia. you still have to leave your name. if u don’t want to just say u r anonymous… ok?

Don’t ask me why I wanna know. I just think no one’s reading my blog…that’s why it’s really uninteresting…(in my opinion lah)

Thanks to u if u read it regularly – despite coming here to see I haven’t updated in eons…

THanks for leaving your comment to tell me u r reading it! 🙂


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7 responses to “Oei.

  1. Yen

    I read I read, every now and then. So today happened to be the day and happens to be the day after you left this entry!
    Hey you know what, Janice loves that star sticker thing you bought. She would religiously peel them off every night and after she sleeps, I would have to re-stick them back again.

  2. Christine

    I still read your blog regularly just to see how a vet is surviving in Singapore.

    I am in clinics now.. Everyday is a realization of how much I don’t know..arrgh!

    • Shoe

      hello! It’s ok. I felt like that and still feel LIKE THAT now so don’t worry! 🙂

      I don’t write much abt vet stuff though..i’m surviving..work is getting crazy again…but I survive. 🙂

      Good luck through your clinics/rotations we call them… SOON the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming brighter! 🙂

      • Christine

        Thanks for the consoling thoughts! I am 1/3 done with final year but the 2/3 that is still yet to be completed is quite daunting.

        I really like all my rotations though as I learn lots. Just get depressed sometimes with the fact that there is still so much that I don’t know.

        Good luck with work!!!

  3. Siu

    Me!! I read… but not very regularly la. jus when im online…

    aiyah… doesn’t matter who’s reading. Jus use it as a tool to download ur thots and rant online lo….

    I love the photo and the new look for ur blog. Nice!

  4. Saus

    where is mia tan now ah?
    she MIA for a long time

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