Beggars can’t be choosers

I finally have something to blog about!!

Today, was bored at home so I decided to drag my mum out for some retail therapy. We were walking towards ORchard MRT, aiming to go to Taka. On the way, there was this young girl, about say 20? approached this other lady that was walking in front of us and from what I could hear, she asked if the lady in front whether she had 2 bucks for lunch which got rejected anyway.

So when it got to like our ‘turn’, we politely refused. THen guess what?

Her: 为什么?

Us: Sorry…no.



What is wrong with the world? What is wrong with people nowadays???!!!

No one bothers holding the door for you anymore, no one THANKS you when u waited that extra 3 seconds for the person behind to catch up – I actually held the door for someone who just walked in without holding the door as if I was employed to do so…and better still, I wasn’t even appreciated at all! Goodness.

I have had people running out from nowhere when I’m on the road and I was like THIS close to knocking them down, better still, THEY DIDN’T LOOK, NOR DID THEY LIKE RUN. It’s as if they had the right to the road…but excuse me, the traffic light’s like just THERE. I nearly killed this school girl who was running across the road for her bus and she didn’t even bother raising her hand to like say sorry. Goodness.

And and and, isn’t it sad that we have to advertise about when some big conference (I can’t remember what), the 4 million smiles thingo, we have to put our very best forward? This shouldn’t be even said, shouldn’t it become part of us? To want to show how much we are friendly people and blah blah blah blah blah? No. So sad.

Dear me. Are we becoming monsters? I forgot to mention those people I meet at work…some are angels some are monsters. So sad that as technology improves, as our economy improves, basic courtesy, basic manners and morals are starting to fade into nothingness. ‘Everyone is like that what?!’ So follow ah? WHere are YOUR values? Goodness.

Oh by the way, happy birthday singapore.

Like the place don’t like its people.

And, to that girl who asked for that 2 bucks – it’s not that I couldn’t afford to give u that 2 bucks. But:

1. You are so young. I’m sure you can find something to do, even if it means cleaning toilets or selling tissue paper. God didn’t give you two hands, two legs and a brain for nothing.

2. You didn’t have to be THAT rude.

3. Even the ah pek selling magazines had bad legs, he still was DOING something with his life. The ah pek that looked like he might collapse anytime at the underground pass between Isetan scotts and wheelock sold tissue paper. He did something.


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