A day in my life

I am so tired. My back aches, my heel is aching now I have no idea why.. and my finger is throbbing and you will know why later.

Today is a tiring week cos I have a 'almost everyday' work. If u don't know, I only work 4 days a week, so I have off days. Had to work on SUnday, Monday, Wednesday and THursday this week. So almost continuous days. 

My day starts like this.

830am  Wake up. Stone Make coffee. Watch TV and stone.

930am. Finish stoning. Drag myself up to shower. 

1015am. Drag myself out of house. walk to bus stop.

1130am Reach work. I usually reach earlier so I shop around… but meant to get to work at 1130am lah…..clean cages do treatments.

12pm-10pm Officially stated in Contract  work time..but obviously we don't leave at 10pm sharp cos theirs cages to clean and treatments to be done.

1030pm If I'm lucky, I get to leave.

1130pm Reach home if I leave at 1030pm. Any later will reach at about12 am cos the last bus leaves at 1130pm.

1am finally sleep.

Next day, wake up at 830am and it starts all over again.

And I'm on my feet ALL THE TIME. So, u can imagine why I'm so tired. 

Now, why is my finger throbbing? COs a dog BIT ME. I didn't do anything. i just opened the cage door. ANd it lunged straight at my hand.  Scaredy dog.

Ok. It's gonna rain and I better go.

Gotta post things to  this girl.

Bye bye!  


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One response to “A day in my life

  1. mia

    and nice flat shoes!
    and i want to ride in your car!

    im soooo free i need to start lessons liao.

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