Aching all over.

Slept with a war raging in my tummy last night….now its coming back.

My shoulders ache. My joints hurt. What is wrong with me? Tick fever? Nope. Not feverish… *scratches scalp, checks down there* nope. No ticks. No dog lah how to have ticks?

achey lah.

latest update: got another phone call!!!

3 interviews…


k lah. got things to say…but my mum just came back and blabbered a whole lot of irrelevant things and now, being the scatterbrained I am, I forgot what I wanted to blog about.

Inspiration has to be caught at the right time know? Actually, not my mum's fault lah. After talking about stomachache, it felt right so I went up to do some big stuff.

hehe. talk bout details. I'm blabbering nonsense too!


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