Why liddat?

Last Saturday, I got pushed by some stupid ah soh onto the bus that was stopping. She was obviously rushing to get on the bus. Of course, I turned around and drowned her with whatever vulgarities and shouting I could possibly muster. It was quite dramatic actually cos when I was doing my shouting, everyone, including those proceeding to board the bus stopped to look at me. The lady wasn't apologetic at all. THat really really pissed me off. In fact, she continued pushing. So I turned around and shouted, STOP PUSHING bloody shit! And she continued pushing. So, I took my time boarding the bus.

Yes, you may say, this happens ALL THE TIME my dear. Live with it. Yah, true. Everytime I go out – I meet at least one these kinds. Which really to me, is very very very sad.

Even my aussie classmates pointed out to me, its the asians that push, that cut queues that annoys the shit out of them. And I tell them cos its the only way to survive. I do understand, we are a lot but we live in such a tiny space, thus we need to fight for our air to breathe, blah blah. But it doesn't mean u can push, be rude. I think its more being concious that there ARE other people around you, and not you alone. THe world doesn't revolve around you only.

I really feel like writing a letter to the forum. What has the government done for us? Provide provide provide, till it produced a whole country of people who take take take, want want and want. Like pigs who lie in their sty. What the government provides – subsidies etc, we take like mad, in fact we make the effort to claim… when the government doesn't provide in a certain aspect of our life, we complain. When the government taxes us, we complain. When the government takes part of our pay for CPF, we complain like mad. Well, have we ever thought where these funds will go? Where has all these subsidies gone to? Gone to make a fatter and greedier pig of ourselves.

Why subsidise education? In fact, where has all the education gone to? Whatever education we had, boh hiao eh. MEi you yong. Gone down the drain. Like what we always say, throw back to teacher. Where have all the manners gone to?

I have met kind Singaporean souls -I'm not saying ALL are idiots. But is there a need to push, a need to cut queue, a need to be kancheong? Ok, yes there is a need to be kancheong cos u will lose out but my point is, there is no need to be rude, no need to be inconsiderate. WHo says Singapore is a clean country? Without cleaners and those little green cars, are our streets going to be clean? no. Who dumps these rubbish? Us.

Why have a degree when really all u can do is push? Why have a Merz when u don't signal? Where is your class?
No class right? Merz to show all that u can afford it, but the status? Not there. I don't respect you.

We are not going to improve as a society if we just run the rat race everyday- mindlessly running on the wheel, pushing others off. Yes, its a dog eat dog society….we can't afford to be nice lalalalala. But what I feel is important is- morals and ethics. Yes, I may sound like a go by the book, boring annoying, holier-than-thou person but if everyone could just have some manners, what a wonderful place this would be to live in. Competition is competition, of course during the race you would have to out run a person, but not using underhanded means.

I went shopping that Saturday. My friend made a comment, 'Aiyah! Why be so nice to them? They won't be nice to you what?' I can't really remember what I did, but it did piss me off. Suo wei de you can't beat them, then join them. Kiasu annoying idiots probably live by this motto. I don't believe in that why be nice kinda shit, its what I wanna live by, NOBODY is going to determine whether I wanna be nice or not.

If I hold the door for someone, I decided I will hold it. Yes, sometimes it pisses me off if someone just walks in without holding the door as if i was the doorman and sometimes I feel like just slamming the door on them, but you'd never know right? I don't need the person to be nice back to me lah…I just wanna make a difference lor. Only me, 1 out of 4 million, fat hope right? but who knows the person whom I have been a bit nicer too would have been a bit happier and would have been a bit nicer to the next person…pass it forward so to speak.

Ok lah. I hv had enough…I can complain like till next year siah.

But pls hor, if u read this post, it doesn't mean that others are mean or rude, you have to be a rude person.

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