Narrow mindedness

My uncle came over on SUnday to discuss his daughter's education. Well, he's scared that she can't get into uni and blah blah blah… which I believe she can..but what she wants to study is econs which requires u to do a first year course first, same as everyone then u stream into econs..and there are limited spaces etc he's worried that she may not get in.

Well. I know I should not be talking about this. but wat got me pissed is that he has his own set of thinking which is fine by me -everyone has their own opinion as to how the world should work. But not when u start attacking my opinion, not when u tell me HOW i should think. Your opinion may not be right but I listen what. My uncle always comes over for opinions AND NEVER LISTENS. So all the time he just goes home with what he had originally in his head.

So, my conclusion is. I just tell him straight in his face. You are right. Don't doubt yourself. You are right. COs I can argue about it till the next day if u like.

He started rattling off, saying that it was MY generation that decided to go with western values. WE like the freedom etc etc.. we take its advantages, but yet we also take the advantages of wat asian values can give us..blah blah blah blah blah. i got furious. cos HOW BLARDEE DARE YOU BLAME MY GENERATION. without YOUR generation, WHERE can my generation be? excuse me. stupid mcp. if u want to live like a traditional chinese. go live in china lah. go live somewhere else where u can tolerate everything lah. you like to blame your wife, you like to blame your daughter, you like to blame your niece! But never yourself. So ok lor.

Bloody fucking piece of shit.

His mind is sooooooooooooo narrow. So damn bloody narrow. THat is why he can't see anythign others see. And not only it is narrow, it is determined to stay narrow. THen fine! Don't come attacking the path I want to take.

My mum and I talked and talked..and I agreed (for once) with my mum that my cousin just needs to learn herself. Takes two hands to clap.

SO pissed.

aarghhhhhhhhhh. I think my uncle's worse than my mum. NARROW minded.

Ok. narrow minded pple don't read blogs right? Esp him. REally prejudiced, so he probably think aiyah, blog for what? k. but my cousin might read this no? never mind lah.

ok. i am done ranting.

gotta go soon.
going to mia's house…

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