On Friday, we went to the zoo!

This is a VERY VERY late post. All thanks to my procrastination and addiction to online shopping.

Talking about my online shopping… MORE of online selling lah. I sold more than I bought more.

I only scored 2 loots . Maybelline mousse blush and burt bees lip balm…… bidding for h20 moisturiser… 12 bucks only.

Ok back to my late entry. The Friday before last, when it was still February. We went to the zoo.

TO take little P3 kids to the zoo for excursion – to teach them about their animal groups they were allocated to. So I was taking the birds group which was a big mistake. So difficult to find birds.

Anyway, I thought I was about to slaughter everyone cos they weren't a very united 7 people group..very split…so obviously when they were looking at exhibits they were all over the place..I didn't want to come with 7 kids and go back with like 5. Instead, they did amuse me. I thought it was better to be amused with them then to be totally pek cek..cos sometimes 9 year old kids are amusing.

Like when they saw a peacock with its tail all raised up, they started screaming, 'Peacock!!!!!' and running towards the peacock. Imagine 7 little human beings all swarming towards the poor peacock, probably scaring the shits out of him. True enough they did, the poor peacock had to try to fly up to the nearest tree.

Anyway, after half a day of 'chasing' kids and walking, we waved bye bye and decided to go explore the zoo slowly by ourselves.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Mia and I at the entrance..couldn't get the whole singapore zoo in the pic…

I didn't take a whole lot of pics cos camera was running out of battery…..

but managed to take some videos though.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Mr Polar Bear posing, waiting for his meal.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Mr Iguana…very cute.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Mini Monkey. I can't remember the name but it starts with 'M' My dad knows it but he's away so cannot ask…. all I can think now it sounds like Maserati.

Cute no?

And I really want to live a life like this:
Image hosting by Photobucket
Fat jaguar!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Handsome white tiger.

And Mia decided to tease the chimpanzee…maybe she thought he was handsome and she was going back to her roots. Hehe.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Ok. Where to now?

The elephant show.

Doing some trick lah….

Ok dokes. Ladies and gentlemen, end of my zoo trip. Sorry for the boring type of writing. Not really in the mood to tell story.

Thank you for watching the show!!

That friday was a big day man.
We were invited by Diana to VIP seats at Glamour QUest whom Mark Tan was in.

And guess who?
Image hosting by Photobucket
HEr! Guo Mei Mei

Ok I do have some thing about her name… but anyhows, I was SO scared she would sing her bu pa bu pa song. But thank God she didn't.

Ok lah..Leave u with 2 clips of her songs….

TIred liao lah.

AI shi ni yen li de yi shou qing ge

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