The type of guys I like

We were walking to the Food loft at Marina Square when Mia suddenly exclaimed,'Eh! THat guy is SO my type!!' She was pointing at this UOB or Standard Charter Bank Ad with this guy who had single eyelids, small eyes with glasses. So typical her type. Then Diana turned to me and asked,'Eh Shu, dunno what your type is leh. What ah?'

I didn't know how to answer her and Mia said she really didn't know.

I like Takuya Kimura, big doe eye. I like Mayday's drummer Guanyou, single eyelid type. Ok, I remember doing this post…but I WILL do it all over again for u's.

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Takuya Kimura JUST IN CASE u don't know who he is. (if u really don't, I wonder where u have been)

Image hosting by Photobucket
Kim Rae Won. Looked like Jetfighter, Mia. But I like his smile.

Image hosting by Photobucket
I used to USED TO used to like him…now? Ok lah..but if he comes running to me, of course I take lah.

Image hosting by Photobucket
This is GUan you of Mayday. ANd in case u r thinking, this is Mia's type not mine…don't ask me either…liking someone isn't rational. I just think he's cool.

Ok. See what Mia means? That she has no idea what my type is?

Of course, I gave this some thought.

THinking back to the crushes I have, I can only say, I like those boyish, KUAI KUAI type.

I think lah. Of course good looking guys I like, but I don't hump thump all mah. IN fact some crushes weren't that fantastic either. You can say, after looking at their looks, I go for personality lah.

As long as u don't look like a ham cheem bang and u don't have a personality that sucks….I suppose u fit my type.

Looks are one thing. Personality is very important. My legs don't just melt at a goodlooking guy…(like that I see takuya kimura or any other good looking actor I wobbly liao lah) the guy must have personality, that is why Guan You got through.

I watched a VCD that came with Mayday's album and that is why I thought he made a good boyfriend. Very zhi zhuo, very faithful. I like guys that show emotion. NOT CRY but as in when it hurts, they will express it, how to say? When they are in doubt, or not sure bout themselves, they will say it, not like some who macho macho must keep it inside.

I detest MCPs. I can't stand it when a guy thinks he knows everything… aiyah. I like it when guys show their weakness and insecurities and feel alright about it, Get wat i mean? I don't want to be domineering lah…or feel better about myself becos the guy is feeling down blah blah…but I feel that if a guy can be so open about his feelings, he would be a sensitive guy. Yes, the bottom line is, u need to be sensitive.

Of course, there needs to be a 'man' part of him, but he needs to let me be chor lor. He needs to let me try. But at the same time, he needs to change the lightbulb for me when I don't feel like doing it, he needs to do the plumbing (cos i dunno how to do), he can teach me at the same time, he needs to drive me when I don't feel confident enough to do so, he needs to let me have my freedom and yet be there when I need to rant.

ok. that is almost perfect. but see, of course i've got to compromise. cos such men, are extinct.

in fact, maybe at this age, most men rather call the plumber than do the plumbing.

Maybe I say ah, not all ah. So if u qualify, msg me. muahahaha. don't look like ham cheem bang can liao.

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