The legend of the white snake

I'm a shedding snake. Only my lips that is.

Just today, while reading forums and blogs, my fingers couldn't stop being itchy, so I rubbed all my peeling skin off my lips. Not that painful just in case you were wondering whether it would be painful or not. I had loads of lipbalm on my luscious Shu Qi-like lips so it was easy to rub off the skin. Now, there is literally a pile of dead lip skin on my table. Wish I could take a pic, but wouldn't want you to puke on your saliva.

My lips are peeling like mad!!! Just in case you don't already know, I'm on Oratane, an acne medication that halts sebum production. And it doesn't specifically target skin. So dry cracked up lips is just one of the side effects unfortunate and poor me has to suffer.

And now, not only do I look like Shu Qi, I think I'm leaning more to the luo han fish side now. My forehead does stick out (pple say these kinds people are smart hehe) and now my lips are swelling out so tada!! You can call me Shu Qi the luo han fish.

Lame lah I know. But I have to complain lah. I hope I don't get peeling skin all over, if not you REALLY can call me luo han fish. (peeling skin=scales for those who don't get it) And then, I would have the good excuse of forgetting things. (ask ur fren if don't get this)

So xian. Mia and I went to City Plaza on Friday. But due to time constraints and me being the most filial daughter in the world (had to go back to cook dinner), we only managed two stories. Level one wasn't that interesting and their prices weren't fantastic either. And there was just this one shop. Haiyah. I tell you, Friday wasn't a good day. It was a day of BAD LUCK and thus = grumpy and cranky shu. I start from beginning lah huh.

I had to go out to meet one buyer. sell her my stuff. As I walked out, it started to drizzle. I pulled out my foldable umbrella. THen I realised that I forgot my handphone, so about turn I went, by the time I was nearing home? The heavens literally was pouring buckets, no make them tanks of water down and my poor feeble umbrella wasn't doing much of its job. Got back, half wet, grabbed phone. Mopped a bit, deciding whether I should wait, but buyer smsed me to ask if I was coming. K. Took my dad's golf umbrella (which I lost in City Plaza while happily shopping) and went.

Now, you would think that the golf umbrella would be sufficient to cover me. I am not THAT big right? No, you are wrong. I was drenched. People, do not underestimate the power of cars. Especially the Merz cab. Not only can it drive you from one spot to another, it also has the ability to wet innocent walking pedestrians who have no where to hide. THere you go. I became from half drenched to almost drenched. Just my luck.

Met my buyer, did the transaction. Walked to Mia's house. By the time it stopped raining and poor me was half drenched walking down Orchard Rd.

Decided to go City Plaza. Went down. Entered this shop where Mia thought she would go crazy. Ok. Took a shoe which I thought was quite nice to try. The salesgirl came to tell me I couldn't wear it outside.. I got pissed. Went to complain to Mia. Salesgirl knew I was mad. Salesgirl told Mia I couldnt' walk on tiled floor and cannot wear the ONE SIDE OF THE SHOE outside. I got MORE mad. Cos? I think its stupid. Use your bloody brain. WHAT can I do with ONE SIDE OF THE SHOE? Why do I want to run away with ONE SIDE OF THE SHOE? How to sell? I have one foot meh? And plus, the shop wasn't like FANTASTIC, the price was what you can find in FEP or ORchard.And they were concerned about spoiling the DISPLAY ONE SIDE OF THE SHOE SHOE.My god. Please lah. I think even shops in heartland centrals don't even display this kind of rules. And if you have these kind of rules? WRITE IT DOWN AND DISPLAY IT FOR FUCK SAKE.

This was only one thing I was annoyed at. I was pretty annoyed already cos the girl started to FOLLOW us, not far away, but like almost a shoulder's length away. So, I told her to you know, don't follow us so closely lah. I think she took it to be, hey don't follow me so closely, I AM GOING TO RUN AWAY WITH YOUR ONE SIDE OF THE SHOE!!

Aiyoh. THen, I lost my umbrella. Then i had to go back at the peak of my shopping. You know that feeling? So now, I feel so mm kum kuan. I'm going back!!

ok damn long post siah. Gotta go. Wanted to write about something more melancholic more solemn but aiyah, yue jiang yue shen qi…

k. leave u with another mtv to watch!!
Yuan Dian by Tanya and Stefanie

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