Fearless Ants

Let me tell you a story.

Recently, like for the past month, there have been big black ants running about my bathroom and the kitchen downstairs. What I mean bout BIG is big- like about at least 1-2 cm long, gigantic ants. These ants have been like roaming my bathroom, jumping on my shower puff and giving me a scare while I soap myself and embarassingly, one actually crawled up my leg while I was having diarrhea ( that time when I was really sick), bit me on my arse, and hopefully died due to the fountain of poo coming its way. Haha.very funny.

These ants as I have observed, all came from a hole at the door frame where termites reside. But if the pest control people have been doing their job, there should be some poison there and no termites should be happily doing their daily rituals like mating there. But somehow or rather, these ants seem to thrive. Maybe they are feeding on the termites' dead bodies. *shrugs shoulder*

Ok, you might be wondering why I'm telling you some grandma story.

Well, just a few days ago, there were A LOT of dead bodies of these ants SCATTERED all over the floor. Some were just not moving, some were struggling to stay moving. There can only be 2 possible reasons:
1. Dying from the poison in the hole AND in the termites.
2. I only see them seasonally.As in only certain times of the year. Maybe this is the time where their time is up.

So, I was happy cos they weren't annoying me. I left the dead bodies as they were because I was lazy lah- I thought when the part-time cleaner comes, all she can do is use water and wash them all away.

Yesterday. I went in and ALL the 'dead bodies' started moving again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My goodness. So, I took some toilet paper, picked them all up and threw them into the WC and flushed them down.

Went back to the bathroom again. 2 ants DIDN'T survive the flush!

I tell you, these ants are immortal.

Ok lah. Any person will tell me, these ants probably did consume the poison. Either orally or by sheer diffusion, I don't know. But these ants are bloody strong, almost immortal. Their bodies probably accumulated the poison till one day they became paralysed. but see, I don't know whether ants have livers and kidneys lah, me no entomologist, but their livers/kidneys metabolised the poison and they resurrected! They would have if I didn't flush them down the toilet. This is my theory lah. Using my warped sense of biology.

To end my story, I leave you with this:
Image hosting by Photobucket
The theme song of Fearless by Jay Chou. (click on Fearless to watch the MTV ah.) To the fearless and almost immortal ants.
You can go goo ga over him lah… huo huo huo huo huo huo huo!!!

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