CNY loots!



今年总觉得新年的气氛不是很好, 不够热闹好玩。

到了吉隆坡, 不是吃,就是大瞎拼!

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Ok i quit using chinese. super kang kor typing.. NICE BAG RIGHT? RM$69.90- seller's discount = RM40 /2.27 (exchange rate = 2.27) = S$17.62


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More bags!! Fila bag = Ringit 89.90 – 50% = 45 rm = S$19.82

I didn't buy much clothes. Only these:

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Nice lah huh… RM43 -10% = RM 38.70 = S$17.05

Image hosting by Photobucket
THis was from the island shop. My mum liked it so much she pushed me into trying it. IT was nice so ok lah. she pay can. RM89.90-50%-10%= RM 40.46 = S$17.82

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Hehe. Bras galore!! each was 19.90 ringit -20% so RM59.70-20% = RM 47.76 = S$21.05

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Mum bought me a wallet from BUM. RM 79.90 -50% = RM 39.95 = S$17.60

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Earrings and bracelets 3 for 10 ringgit.. bought 6…each should be RM3.30 =S$1.45

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I know i've got A LOT of foundation..hehe. but i like this one. RM49.90-10%= RM 44.91 = S$19.80

how can a girl not have her shoes?
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ok lah. I quite liked it. not cheap though. RM 59.90-20% = RM 47.92 = S$21.11

wah. never did so much calculations before…

listening to: First Day by Stefanie Sun (click on link to watch mtv)


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