Don’t forget to be happy

I went to Bugis Junction two days ago.

As I walked out from Seiyu, the water fountain was spouting out water (duh). As water suddenly sprayed out of the holes, this little girl screamed and giggled with delight. As the water fountain did its normal routine, this girl was happily jumping up and down, giggling and screaming as the water sprayed up and down. Boy, was she happy.

Haven't seen some one THAT happy in a long time.

How I wish it was THAT easy to amuse me.

*deep breath* Shu, must learn to be happy in little things.

I mean, I should learn to find the good and to be happy in the little things. Easily contented lah u may say, but if I say easily contented, it might not motivate me to look to bigger things.

Oh well, fine line between greediness and happiness ain't it?

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