Yesterday, I got asked the most difficult question to answer.

Wanna meet up? So long din see you…..

See, if someone u haven’t met for a long time, by right you should be happy to meet up with am I not right?

But this person, is annoying.

Not stupid annoying but I don’t ever want to see her EVER in my life again annoying.

Yes, I remember hurts easily and I don’t easily forgive.

Both my dad and Mia say I am very vindictive and vengeful. YES. I admit.

But there are certain things I forget, certain things I remember. And those things that I remember, are the things that were unjust, that hurt. Especially those unjust things done towards me.

Dunno lah. Just me.

So u ask me, what answer I gave.

I gave up. I just switched my MSN status to appear offline.

I don’t understand after giving her so many monosyllable answers, WHY DOESN’T SHE GEDDIT?

dense man.

ok. that’s it. I am going to say it here. and if she can read this, GOOD. my blog link is on my msn.


NO. i don’t EVER want to meet you. not for coffee, lunch, high tea, dinner, watever. NO.

no1 Audio pronunciation of ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n)

  1. Used to express refusal, denial, disbelief, emphasis, or disagreement: No, I’m not going. No, you’re wrong.
  2. Not at all; not by any degree. Often used with the comparative: no better; no more.
  3. Not: whether or no.


if u want to know why, read this lah. I can’t be bothered replying and writing a whole lot….



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