Diarrhoea post

ok 2 parts to this post.

I was sick. Over the weekend. Let me tell you the story.

Saturday. Woke up at 11am as I slept at 230am the 'night' before after a long night out at Mackers.
Ate a big bowl of yong tau foo noodles.

Stomachache. Not that kind of normal stomachache but as if someone was twisting your stomach like a wet towel.

So it went on the whole entire afternoon. I thought I could bear with it, so I got changed and MADE up for my JC class gathering. Then it started raining. So, I waited for my parents to come back to fetch me.

As I lay in bed, I got super cold. Then I got fever (apa itu simi English lah). SO cannot go lah…

anyway to cut the story short. i had diarrhoea 4 times during the night.

Sunday. My fever started again (subsided when I went to bed the previous night) and my body started to ache and my head was sooooooooo pain if I shifted it, I got giddy.

Fed up, my dad took me to the doctor. Doctor told me might be dengue fever. ok.

And then throughout the night. I had profuse watery diarrhoea many times. Peeing out poo.

Monday came. ALright!!! Except I spent the whole day sleeping.

Ok end of part one.

Part Two.

You know on Sunday there was a drill right? In case of a terrorist attack?


So Outram had shuttle buses to the other train stations. and this was wat one of the people had to say.

'Ying gai gei wo men duo yi dian ba shi ma!'(should give us more buses!!)

Uncle, you think when the terrorist attack, there WILL be buses? COunt your blessings.

'Yao gao su wo men you ze ge yan xi ma!' (should have told us there would be this drill!)

Hello. You live in mountain ah? They have been telling us since end of Dec last year liao wor. and they tell you no fun. Especially FOR you. Would terrorists tell us, eh.tomolo we going to bomb your mrt stations, watch out ah?

My goodness. Singaporeans are too spoilt for choice.


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