Damn. Resolutions. I promised right?

Me no procrastinate.

Me just have to fight for computer with dad AND come up with something, of which I'd try. I'm not exactly sure and I am bloody sleepy (woke up early to wait for the Ikea pple to deliver my bloody shelves)

Have no idea whether resolutions are meant to be fulfilled or issit just a tradition.

Aiyah. Make liao also no use! never fulfil one!

Oh well, I suppose resolutions are goals for the years..and without goals we will perish or something like that lah (it says so in the bible. without vision, people perish)


1. To be more courageous. DON'T HESITATE. in other words, be a bit more thick skinned.

2. be less of a anti-social I-HATE-PEOPLE person. I will try lah… but not guarantee huh.

3. Persevere more. I tend to get frustrated easily and then I give up, just because I get so pek cek.

4. THink more. I know I have more potential than now. I know I am not stupid. They say we only use 5% of our brain. wanna push my brain to be less lazy.

5. Talking about laziness, yes. To not be so lazy!! hehe.

6. Save, SAVE save!!! NO more buying silly stuff. Why? 1. To repay my loan for my future car.
2. for the long future, maybe enough money to open a clinic.

7. To stick with what is right. I know when I start work, I would be pressured to do things to earn money (whether it is right or wrong), pressured to take short cuts. It may not be right.

8. TO ENJOY LIFE!! woo hoo!

anyways, that's about it lah.

i'm sniffing away cos of the DUST I have roused up while cleaning my room. ……

my eyes are so itchy too!

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