My graduation

k. just a picture post.

Didn't get much pictures cos it was freaking freaking freaking HOT and all we were doign was take liao, zao ah. plus the fact we were all getting grumpier by the minute. and i was, cos my mum was super fussing over me. oh well.

Image hosted by

tada!! heeh. gown was in a mess cos shoulders not broad enuff.

Image hosted by

Me proud parents!!!!

And if i squint. cos it's TOO bloody hot.

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Don't u dare mess with me k… me smart know..muahahaha!

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Went crazy lah. 5 years of head damage.

Image hosted by
Jackie and me

Image hosted by
Edna and me

Image hosted by
Jenny and me

Image hosted by
Meg and me

Then later that evening, I went for grad dinner.

And met a couple of lousy phototakers….lousy pictures ahead.

Image hosted by
The fantastic four!!! Miss Control Freak is the one in silver, third from left

Image hosted by
This is a horrible picture. everyone wasn't really looking.. but here u go. part of my rotation group.

Image hosted by
My fav lecturer!!!!

Anyway, I had a good time…and I am no longer a student.
Sigh. my life starts now.

ok dokes.

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