I don’t think I am an encourager

Good Advice

Seems like I give some good advice.
*my head is growing bigger and I am so feeling proud of myself*

Surprised actually. I didn't think that was good advice. I just wanted to encourage her with some humour. But yeah, at least my humour was appreciated here.

Most of the time, when there is someone around me (those that I am not close to) who is feeling down, feeling sad and all that, I hesitate to say anything. Why? Cos my encouragement always either falls to deaf ears or mostly, unappreciated. I don't expect people to say OH THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT KNOW? neither do I expect them to retort back or withdraw in horror that I actually said what I said. Saying all those cliche things like, it will be alright, don't worry, God is with you yadayada is really redundant. So, I always tend to say things in a light and humourous way, u know, make it LOOK n seem better but till now, I think only Mia knows how to appreciate my kind of humour. *deep breath* So, doesn't matter, I am only going to encourage someone who knows how to receive it.

To those who don't appreciate what I say, I am still going to encourage you, how you react – it's your blardee problem. Hey. Lighten up. DOn't view things where there is black and white only. There are areas of gray.

Talking about being so rigid..there was this incident or rather conversation.

A group of guys were going to play pool and I was already in conversation with P. P is humourous, and he got my thread very easily, u know, being sarcastic and all that.

mr x came along and said,"come! the guys are going to play pool together! a guy's thing u know?"

I smiled, and asked P," you sure u going P? it's for the guys!"

Mr X looked at me funny and said, "Yah he is a guy what." And gave me that what-the-hell-u talking about look

P caught it and continued playing on.. but Mr X till then didn't know what the hell was goign on and why I was having the conversation.

BECAUSE OF FUN! I know, sometimes it has to be serious, but look, we spend most of our uni time in lectures being serious, we work, we face serious people – just relax and have fun. Ok. I am talking about caregroup here. Sometimes I feel that we have to so politically correct – to me it just defeats the purpose of having a CARE group.

I have sort of distracted myself. hehe gone way off. But u get what I mean. When things are gloomy, why choose to dwell in the clouds when the sun is nearby? I have been gloomy before, I have chose to dwell in the clouds before and it is not great fun.

Haiyah. Only those who sort of know me will understand what I am rattling on about.

I just was so SHOCKED that Mia actually put that up and thot that was good. I thot this was just being me. THanks Mia. 🙂


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