You aren’t that great after all

Look back a few entries and you will see that I have been writing about the TVB series that I was obsessed with about a week ago.

I re-watched some episodes I conveniently fast-forwarded in my haste to see what happened in the end and got my inspiration back! part of it lah.

It's about how the various concubines and the emperoress/empress/ shit I can't spell (how to spell ah?) fighting among each other to gain the emperor's favour.It's not a normal kind of fight – like abuse thrown at each other kind, but those little plots and little underhanded means, framing each other things that go on all the time. You gotta watch it, whoever wrote the script and story is good.

Well, after watching them fight the shits out, framing each other, blah blah. I had this thought: WHAT SO BIG ABOUT THE EMPEROR? Yes, he was the head of the biggest country in the world, but in the end he still is smaller than the one up there. Chinese believe so much in fate, in destiny, in 'shang tian' and that 'qian' thing (you know where they go kneel in front of the god and shake that thing (sounds not good) until a stick drops out?) In the end, the emperor is still under that system – goes to the gods to gain favour from them, prays etc. In the end, HE IS NOT THAT GREAT. So, I thought really those poor concubines fighting their lives out was really dumb. Well, I suppose in that era, it was A REALLY BIG THING especially being in the Emperor's favour will also gain you FACE and your family FACE. That was what it was all about, FACE.

Now, it's still about face. About how much glam you gain. Dui bu dui? Especially in such a country as Singapore. Hmm. When people first meet each other, besides the HOW ARE YOU? blah blah. the next question: WHAT DO YOU DO? That seems to be like what people base on to know you – it's not about who you are but what you do? True no? Yes, we can do what we love to do, be it glam or unglam, pple will still view you (esp first impressions) based on WHAT you are doing, not who you are inside. Well, I am generalising of course, I am not saying that everyone is like that – I am sure there are still quite a lot who have an open mind and are sincere about making friends.

Anyways, coming back to my emperor story, it just goes to say, really, we aren't that great, becos in the end, we are still in the hands of the one up there. There may be times where you didn't believe that your fate was in the hands of the Big One and so you fight like a mad cow but come back torn & beaten. I am sure there were some incidents where you find yourselves walking in circles. I am not a Bible-basher or forcing any believes or anything. I am just trying to say – we are not that great anyway. Even President George W Bush has to pray to God in times when he is confused, lost. suo wei, mou shi zai ren, cheng shi zai tian (how to translate? – ask your chinese frens hehe) Be a bit more humble, it really doesn't do any harm.

p/s: pls don't just wait there for your destiny/fate to come onto you- doesn't work that way either unfortunately. Do what you can, do your best, and pray that it will happen.
As I-can't-remember-who keeps telling me: God only helps those who helps themselves

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