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Have a read of this. Altho it's been a few days since this report and newpaper has decided to revamp its look, but I still have things to say.

The Orchard Road underpass (that's what I call it, altho the whole stretch of the road has quite a few) has been one of my paths almost everyday (ALMOST) and for the past 15 years ( how long I have been living around the area), there never has been a time where I did not see Mr Lim, our dearest blind basker playing his keyboard, guitar or what you call that..accordion (unless you turn up tooooo early) There have been times when I purposely walked slowly (yes, to irritate those pple behind) to sort of drown myself in his music, or whiz by, in a rush to beat the queue to get my favourite jollybean soyabeam milk at CK Tang. I have given my part to him sometimes, when I am not in that whiz-here-whiz-there mode, and even resisted the urge to go up to him to tell him he is doing a very good job. Yes, there are rumours he is actually quite well-to-do, owns a condo, and most of his keep goes to charity like NKF. However, one cannot discredit him for earning our money like that – how many like him i.e. blind/disabled are like him? Despite his disability, instead of depending on charities, on the government, he is at least USING his talents to DO something (and even giving back to the society). Even if he does it for the money, it's his well-earned money. Compared to some, who have a brain, feet, pair of hands but unfortunately choose to do nothing with it. I am not sure if u know of this guy (very young prob,early twenties) who used to sit at the underpass from Scotts to Lido? He was featured in Newpaper last year, but I can't find the link. Well, he just SAT there with a sign saying his family is poor, please donate or something. Yeah, he just SAT THERE. No tissue paper to sell, no guitar, no plain voice singing. He just SAT THERE LIKE SOME IDIOT. To me, he doesn't deserve ANY of my sympathy nor empathy becos he is normal – has a brain, can see, has feet can walk, has hands can do something.

Coming back to my main story and also coming back to the above story in the newpaper. I don't think it was very fair of that Mr Fernandez to hurl such accusations or do such things to him. Note, I am taking Miss Low's account of the story to be true (even tho she is obviously on Mr Useful Lim's side) I have seen Mr Fernandez and his fren Mr Shepherdson basking at the Lido to Borders underpass many times – almost all the time I use that underpass. and, I do not have a very good impression of him tho his performance can be quite good. There was one day when I was walking towards Lido in the underpass, I saw him ordering a cleaner (presumably from Wheelock Place – had the uniform) to clean up the area where he was basking. Mr Fernandez was walking next to the poor cleaner who was busy sweeping away, telling him to clean up and sort of in a condescending manner, telling him to CLEAN IT UP! I was pissed. 1. He had no right to order someone HE DIDN'T employ around. 2. He has no authority to order him around and talk to the poor cleaner (even if he was the employer, he still has no right to talk to him like that) 3. He had no right to draw a very obvious line – as in a cleaner is way way below down there mentality – a cleaner is a job. I walked past him, slowed down, gave him my lethal stare which he just ignored and continued his 'supervising' of that poor cleaner. I should have kicked him in the balls. And hence, this is why I choose to be on Mr Lim's side.

Look, if anyone reading this gets infruriated or something, that is fine. But why fall into the trap Mr Fernandez? Jealousy brings you nowhere, it just brings harm to yourself. Mr Lim has been basking in the Orchard Rd Underpass for like SO LONG and you? How long? You have a guitar, sometimes you have a mic to help you, you have a good voice then continue doing your part. If you don't like where u are ( I know that underpass can be quite quiet) CHANGE? Don't blame your unfortunate circumstances on someone. He just has been there for long and he is just doing his part – everyone needs to earn their keep, have a job. So why not just do yours? You are just a — ok I shan't call you names, but I think what you did was so uncalled for. And now, you have brought more damage to yourself.

Say, I look from your point of view, yes, maybe Miss Low has been doing SUCH things (calling the police and making up stories of other baskers) just to keep the whole area 'clean' and Mr Lim can 'monopolise' the area, does it mean you have to stoop down to their level? (if that was true I mean) I am sure your fren witnessed your initial outburst towards Mr Lim, so I take that outburst to be true and that Miss Low wasn't making up such story (maybe the pushing around part no) There was no need to shout at such a man, FOR GOODNESS SAKE LEAVE HIM ALONE. He is blind, he is just trying, how harder is your life than his? I am sure his life isn't tat easy and smooth-sailing either.

Now, I am sure that you can't even bask there already even if you were innocent. Reputation is very important in this society know?

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